My Lesson from the Leaves

I typically don’t look forward to fall and winter. I am a summer kid through and through. I don’t like the cold weather, the absence of green and the shorter days. Nope. Don’t like it one bit.

But this year I had a thought: maybe there is a lesson to be learned from the leaves in the fall. So I opened up my mind and heart and allowed myself to look at the fall differently this year. What I saw was significant: Letting go can be beautiful.

So many times in my life I have struggled to let go of things. All kinds of things. I have had difficulty letting go of actual things, like clothing that was the wrong size, or shoes that are old and worn out. I have fought with letting go of anxious thoughts that play over and over in my mind. I have battled with letting go of old beliefs about myself that cause me to question my worth or value as a person. But this struggle is not found with the trees.

The trees don’t fret about letting go of their leaves every year. They accept, as much as a tree can accept anything, that it is a natural part of their existence. They do not struggle to let go. They allow the process to happen. Each year they erupt into beautiful colors and let go.

I realized that there are many things I need to let go of. One of the things I have been focusing on over the past year is letting go of those old messages I received from others years ago and those beliefs that do not make me feel like the amazing human I am. I cannot continue to hold beliefs, forged in childhood, that I am “not _____ enough.” The people who gave me those messages were not equipped at that time to identify the magnificence that is humanity and therefore should not be counted as experts on my amazingness. This is true for you too! Let’s let go of all those old beliefs that no longer serve us. Let’s let go of those beliefs that we are not good enough, thin enough, thick enough, smart enough, rich enough, pretty enough, tall enough, dark enough, light enough, enough enough! The truth is that just by being born you are more than enough. You are magnificence in human form! As am I! And this fall I am letting go of any thought that tells me otherwise!