Just Do It … Who Cares?

Over the past few weeks, I have been talking with a lot of people about this idea of following your heart, doing what you want… despite how you think that other people may perceive it: singing karaoke, wearing a certain style, jumping in mud puddles, or becoming a stand up comic, to name a few!

Saturday I went to the park and borrowed the bicycle of one of my young friends… It looked like this:

Needless to say, I got a lot of laughs and I was having a blast! Let’s think about what stops us from doing some of the things that our childish side urges us to do. Fear? Fear someone will laugh? Fear someone will judge? Fear you will be terrible at the thing and thus be viewed as a failure?

When we boil it down, it’s fear. At it’s root – it is fear. Now, let’s consider how that fear is impacted when you are alone and no one is watching. I bet most of you sing at the top of your lungs when you’re alone. Perhaps, those same people wouldn’t be caught dead singing at karaoke. I bet most of you have had the urge to go play in the rain, but have subverted it… “what if someone sees?” How is it that we can be comfortable doing things alone but as soon as someone may be watching we are afraid?

Rocking it out to Chumbawamba at Jeff’s Bucket Shop (Charlotte)

It boils down to how we believe other people will think of us. And that my friends is due to not loving yourself enough to play like you are loved!

The first, second and third time I did karaoke I was petrified. Let’s get something straight: I am a terrible singer! I do a lot of things well, but singing is not one of them. But, I LOVE IT!! So, eventually, I just said, screw it! I’m going to do it. And eventually, I had a great time. Now, I don’t care at all! I’ll sing pretty much anything.

Kiss a Dragon!

I’ve had people approach me after singing karaoke (multiple times) and tell me that my being up there helped them to find courage to get up there themselves.

I suppose they are thinking, “Well she did it and didn’t die, maybe I can try.” Maybe it’s “wow, they clapped for that? I’m not nearly that bad!” Whatever it is, that’s what it really takes: just a little bit of courage. Okay… maybe a whole lot of courage. But each time you do the thing, you get a little braver!

Pose however you want to!
Dancing the Macarena

So, take a chance! Sing the song! Play in the rain! Do an open mic night! Kiss a dragon! Pose however you freaking want to! Dance the Macarena with some waiter named John!! Have the courage to listen to that little voice inside that says “do it!” And in doing so, you will also be loving yourself. Because in the end, it doesn’t matter what they thought about you — it matters what you thought about yourself. *MIC DROP*